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Amateur Clubs

Good WySpike Logo.png

WySpike Roundnet Club

Club Leader: Nick Noguez & Matthew Burrows

Location: Wylie, Tx (NE Dallas)

Club Type: Amateur

College Clubs

Texas A&M Roundnet Club

Club Leader: Frederic Hinkle

Club Type: College


Baylor Roundnet Club

Club Leader: Caleb Cummings

Club Type: College

ACU Roundnet Club

Club Leader: Luke Mowry

Club Type: College


TCU Roundnet Club

Club Leader: Nick Noguez

Club Type: College


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Spikeball and Roundnet… What’s the Difference?

Roundnet is the sport popularized by Spikeball inc. You may have heard of it referred to as Spikeball, but that is merely the brand who makes the product on which roundnet is played! Check out their information at!