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ARRO High School Series Southeast Fall Regional

ARRO (The Alliance of Recognized Roundnet Organizations) is bringing you something pretty incredible!

The sport of roundnet, aka Spikeball™, has taken off over the last few years. ESPN, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, local parks and beaches, or backyard barbecues, are just a few places you can find people playing the sport we all love. 

Just like every sport, the future lies with our youth and Spikeball™ is no different. Sure, youth players can play in local tournaments with players of all ages, but until now they haven’t had a tournament to call their own where the best high school players in the country compete against one another. 

To that end, we are excited to announce the first ever High School Roundnet Nationals and Regionals Competition, hosted by your regional Recognized Roundnet Organizations. 

Leading up to Nationals in June 2020, we will host 4 fall regional contests in the Fall of 2019 and 4 spring regional contests in the Spring of 2020. The top 3 teams from each of the 8 regional contests will earn a Power Pool invite to the Roundnet High School Nationals in the Summer of 2020 (location TBD).

A.R.R.O. HS Series Fall.png


The Fall Regional schedule is as follows:

8/31/19 - West Regionals - SLC, Utah

Hosted by the Utah Roundnet Association (URA)

Register at

9/22/19 - Midwest Regionals - Chicago, IL

Hosted by Origin Roundnet 

Register at

10/19 - East Regionals - Buffalo, NY

Hosted by Western New York Roundnet

Register at

10/26 - Southeast Regionals - Dallas, TX

Hosted by the Texas Association for the Sport of Roundnet (TASR)

Register at


To be eligible, players must be in high school or junior high during the 2019-20 school year, and you must attend the same school as your partner. All events will follow the standard SRA Spikeball Tournament format. 

Head to the website listed under your regional event for additional details or to register your team and take part in the first High School Roundnet Regionals. Players may participate in multiple regional competitions.

We will do our best to provide snacks, shade, and water but please bring your own just in case as things can happen and we want to make sure all players are prepared

The Texas Regional will include a club tournament following the individual tournament that follows the college roundnet club format found here. We will squads competing in the club bracket must have a minimum of 2 teams to compete.

The Tournament Schedule will start out with pool play to determine seeds for bracket play. The schedule will look something like this below:

09:00-09:45: Check in
09:45-10:00: Announcements
10:00-11:30: Pool Play
11:30-12:00: Lunch Break
12:00-3:30 Bracket Play
3:30-6:00 Club Bracket


Ford Lacrosse Field in Allen, Tx
705 Whitman Dr.
Allen, TX

Fprd Lacrosse Field.png

Hub Competition:
Advanced and Women’s have the highest earning potential for the hub competition if you are part of a hub. Intermediate wills till earn points but it will be a smaller number compared to any points in the other divisions.

Texas Top 100:
How you play and finish in a major can have an affect on where you get placed in the Texas Top 100 rankings! You must play in a Texas Tournament to get ranked!

In order to qualify for LoneStar at this tournament if you have not already you must have qualified as SRA Premier status within the calendar year, be a Texas Resident, and finish as a top 3 team at this event. For more info on LoneStar Roundnet Club visit Here.

Earlier Event: September 28
Dallas Major

Spikeball and Roundnet… What’s the Difference?

Roundnet is the sport popularized by Spikeball inc. You may have heard of it referred to as Spikeball, but that is merely the brand who makes the product on which roundnet is played! Check out their information at!