The Tasr Hub Challenge

Throughout 2019 hubs are competing against each other by getting points from hub attendance, content production, and tournament placement. Between these criteria hubs will amass points and earn the title of Golden Hub and the glory and riches that come along with it.

To get involved all you need to do is attend regular pick up at a local hub! Don’t have a local hub? Get info on getting one started here.

The golden hub will be the host city of Texas Roundnet Day which involves a full day of roundnet and grill out party for the whole state to come and celebrate the sport! The hub leader also wins an amazon gift card!


Last Updated Week 1 - 1/1

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Spikeball and Roundnet… What’s the Difference?

Roundnet is the sport popularized by Spikeball inc. You may have heard of it referred to as Spikeball, but that is merely the brand who makes the product on which roundnet is played! Check out their information at!