LoneStar Roundnet Club


What LoneStar Roundnet Club?  

LoneStar roundnet is the highest level club in the state of Texas! Each of our teams contains at least 1 player who resides in the state of Texas! 

Lone star members and players are welcomed by invitation only after proving themselves in tournaments both within the state and around the country. For more information on joining LoneStar, coming to a LoneStar practice, or sponsoring LoneStar send us an email at lonestarroundnet@gmail.com

LoneStar Roundnet Teams: 

Tetelestai (#11) Logan Cornelius(TX) & Jesse Throw

LED (#12) Grayson Ayres (TX) & Harding Brumby

Spiker no Spiking (unranked) Chris Moates (TX) & Skylar Shibiyama

Fire Extinguishers (unranked) Brian Childs (TX) & Sam Konstanty (TX)

Moxi (#3 Women's) Jenna Coleman (TX) & Julie Hasleton

Without Team Ben Ditlevson


President: Logan Cornelius

Contact: lonestarroundnet@gmail.com

HQ: Dallas

Social Media:
Facebook: Lone Star Roundnet Club
Instagram: @LoneStarRoundnet
Twitter: @LoneStarSpike