South Central

College Series

The South Central college series will be the first series of its kind. An independent series dedicated to the collegiate sport. We want to give college players more opportunity to grow their individual game and squad game and ultimately bring the national championship to the south central section!

All of the events below will have both an individual and club tournament run by the same standards as the SRA college series. Check out the individual and club tournament formats here.

The College Series will play a part in the Hub Competition and the Texas Top 100. To find out more about these click on the them to see more info!

These tournaments are open to all college players across the country, not just the South Central seciton.

Overall Series Individual Winner: $100
Overall Series Club Winner: $100

Scoring for the sectionals can be found under the points section here.

TASR SC College Series.png


College Tournament #1
University of Texas


College Tournament #2
Texas Christian University


*SRA College Sectional
Baylor University

College Station Major.png

**College Station Major
Texas A&M University


College Tournament #3
Abilene Christian University


*Part of the SRA College Sectional Series
** Part of the TASR Majors series, not a college tournament

Spikeball and Roundnet… What’s the Difference?

Roundnet is the sport popularized by Spikeball inc. You may have heard of it referred to as Spikeball, but that is merely the brand who makes the product on which roundnet is played! Check out their information at Spikeball.com!